Fringe 2013 Review: The Man with a Hat!

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In the intimate setting of The Bally in Gluttony, we meet Paddy.

Paddy is an Irishman. And he likes potatoes.

His philosophy? Everything looks better done in a hat.

While each hat in his generous collection has an interesting and even adventurous story of its own, Paddy merely uses them as a connecting theme. His show focuses more on showing off a myriad of clever skills and tricks.

After breaking the ice, so to speak, with his ‘Irish string’, Paddy’s solo cabaret show features magic tricks, banjo playing, comedy, improv and shadow puppetry, mixed together of course with a solid amount of audience participation.

Be prepared for some hands-on involvement if you attend the show. You might even get to make a hat of your own, especially if you become one of Paddy’s favourites.

A highlight was the good ol’ cup and ball magic trick which, Paddy took to the next level, bewildering and surprising the audience with his speed and agility in this polished piece.

At times it took a few seconds of awkward silence for the audience to catch on to certain jokes or story lines, but Paddy took them in his stride, and like the seasoned performer that he is, used them to his advantage.

The surrounds of The Bally tent complimented Paddy’s performance perfectly, creating a cosy yet open feel that encouraged conversation and interaction with the audience. By the end, it felt as if you were watching an old friend on stage.

As proud an Irishman as he may be, Paddy’s moving tribute to Australia was an ideal ending to a pleasing 50 minutes of entertainment that will have you smiling long after you leave.


The Man with a Hat! is showing in The Bally, Gluttony until March 3.

Purchase tickets here.

Image courtesy of Adelaide Fringe.


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