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The salon experience has been given a facelift thanks to a new Adelaide business changing the way you see your trip to the hairdresser.

Miss Coiffure (French for ‘to dress hair’) is a hair salon and bar rolled into one,  aiming to incorporate a social environment into their customer’s hair regime.

Part-owner Adam Sadler said a lot of research and customer feedback went into developing the idea behind Miss Coiffure, which opened in March this year.

“Our ideology is based on the likes and dislikes of customer,” Mr Sadler said.

“I’ve found that many people don’t like staring into a mirror, that many people find getting a colour done intimidating, and that many are unhappy with Adelaide salon hours, especially corporate women with families.”

As customers sit at the Hindmarsh Square salon’s white marble bar, they are also treated to two complimentary drinks of their choice – no matter what time of day.

Maître d’ and hairdresser Carla Porsiello said social media played a big part in the promotion of Miss Coiffure.

“Facebook has been an amazing platform and it’s amazing how it can expand a business – we’ve had people sharing our page who we don’t even know,” Miss Porsiello said.

Her favourite thing about working at Miss Coiffure is Friday and Saturdays nights when the salon is open until 9pm.

“Girls come here with their friends to get ready before a night out, they get their hair done, have a couple of drinks and it’s just a really social, relaxed environment; you feel like you are part of their party,” Miss Porsiello said.

“We also offer a ticketing service, so people can leave their work things here and pick them up the next day.

“When people come here there is no rush and it’s very easy going, with the added perk of having a bubbly while you get your hair done.”

Miss Porsiello said those at Miss Coiffure are also big supporters and endorsers of local South Australian businesses.

Recently announcing their partnership with Bird in Hand winery, Miss Coiffure are also partnered with fashion label Wild Child and are currently planning to open a salon in the Myer city store.

Having worked in salons across the world for 12 years, Mr Sadler hopes to see this “innovative” ideology expand across the country.

“Miss Coiffure for me is a social environment mixed with a salon and wine bar, and based on what the consumer wants rather than just what we think will work,” he said.

“Women can still come in, get their hair done, chill out and socialise and not feel like they are breaking their budget, and men also love it because they can have a beer while getting a trim.”

First time customer Mandy Phillips of Grange stumbled across Miss Coiffure on the internet and, impressed with what she saw, decided to give it a go.

“It’s amazing how they’ve fitted [the salon] out, everything looks really classy,” Mrs Phillips said.

“I feel so relaxed and comfortable here; I would recommend it to all my friends for sure.”


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