Weatherill’s betting reforms please South Australians

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The South Australian Government recently introduced a plan to place betting advertisement restrictions on live sporting games which has been positively received by South Australians.

Premier, Jay Weatherill, announced a proposal to stamp out live betting advertisements during sporting events in South Australia.

This was prompted by the recent increase in promotions from companies such as Tom Waterhouse, Sportsbet and Centrebet.

Local Marion resident, Mitchell Tiller, a regular sports viewer and writer for the South Australian Sports Institute, believes there has been a significant increase in betting promotions particularly in the last six months.

“Sports lovers can now bet on every aspect of a football or cricket match and are constantly bombarded by odds which can make it difficult to resist temptations,” Mr Tiller said.

“I’ve seen in the past six months the increase in sports betting advertisements specifically because of new competitors coming into the market like Tom Waterhouse and Bet365, making the industry more competitive.”

Mr Tiller believes the demise of Australian sporting icons such as David Schwarz and Brendon Fevola because of sports gambling, is one of many examples that shows betting is dangerous if done excessively.

“Restricting betting promotions will have a positive effect on South Australians; the constant bombardment of odds will be gone and therefore will prevent the temptation to bet during games,” Mr Tiller said.

Adelaide Strikers cricketer, Theo Doropolous, believes the reforms will not only reduce the amount of bets being put down but also place more emphasis on the game.

“People can often get caught worrying about the money they could win or lose; the restriction in advertisements could in fact change the reasons people watch sports in general,” Mr Doropolous said.

A question was proposed to users of Facebook, whether betting advertisements should be restricted during sports, which overwhelmingly resulted in a yes.

100 per cent of people who took part in the survey believed the South Australian Government’s reforms will positively influence our community in reducing gambling habits.

Harry Darcy, a participant of the survey, believes the reforms “will stop children from being exposed from betting during sports,” while Jack Miller said “the reforms were long overdue.”

Mr Doropolous’ view of sports benefiting from the reforms was also supported by users of Facebook with the vast majority of people supporting the claim.

Mr Weatherill’s reforms will be introduced to the South Australian Parliament in the near future.

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