Adelaide-hailing Hockeyroo sets goal for World Cup

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By Amelia Dawkins

Former Adelaide athlete Karri McMahon has her sights set on the upcoming Hockey World Cup and Commonwealth Games following a successful run in the Australian Hockey Team over the past year.

The 21-year-old has been making quite a name for herself in the national team, with memorable performances against South Africa this year and the World League finals in Argentina and England last year.

“Personally, the World League semi-finals were the highlight of my international career,” McMahon said.

“Not only did we win the major event, but I scored my second international goal.”

McMahon also starred and co-captained at the Junior World Cup last July, but unfortunately the team lost to England in the semi-final.

“The Junior World Cup was a very disappointing tour… however I did play well and again the coaches were happy,” she said.

“It was hard as I was one of the co-captains and senior members of the team, having been in there since I was 18.”

McMahon began playing hockey when she was just six years old.  Her mother used to play and her parents simply wanted her to participate in a sport that she thoroughly enjoyed.

“It turned out that I loved hockey,” McMahon said.

Growing up in Brisbane, she first played for Arana Ascott Hockey Club before moving to the Berri Hockey Club in the Riverland when her family relocated.

In her four years at the Adelaide Hockey Club, McMahon’s major achievements included making the Australian Hockey League in 2010 and Under 21 Australian team, before landing an Australian Institute of Sport scholarship at the end of 2011.

After making her debut for the Hockeyroos against South Africa in September 2012, McMahon’s workload has increased tremendously since becoming a full-time athlete.

She generally trains between three to six hours a day, six days a week and has also had to reduce her paramedics study load in order to manage her lifestyle commitments.

“Things like nutrition, training habits and recovery have all become huge parts of my life and take a lot of planning,” she said.

McMahon’s attention now turns to a series against Japan in Western Australia at the end of March, which will be Australia’s last test matches at home ahead of the World Cup in May.

The World Cup will be held in the Netherlands and McMahon can’t wait to return.

“I adore Holland–the culture is great; I love the architecture and they ride bikes everywhere,” she said.

“[Hockey is] the national sport, so hockey players are huge and you’re treated like real celebrities.”

After the World Cup, McMahon will be busy preparing for the Commonwealth Games in July and the Champions Trophy in November.

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