Adelaide secures its spot on the fashion map

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When people think Australian fashion, Adelaide generally isn’t the destination that comes to mind.

Australia’s fashion capital Sydney is a likely thought, or perhaps our country’s ‘creative hub,’ Melbourne.

But Adelaide is making its mark on the fashion map, and it’s largely thanks to the many local emerging talents causing their own unique splash.

Of particular mention, local label ‘Cameo’ who in April of this year debuted at the prestigious Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia (MBFWA) event in Sydney.

Cameo, which is a product of locally based fashion company Australian Fashion Labels, owned by husband and wife Melanie and Dean Flintoft, is the first of any Australian Fashion Labels’ brands to be involved with MBFWA.

Cameo showcased their ready-to-wear collection ‘The Edit,’ to its A-list crowd on day three at Carriageworks, which was well received by the events’ attendees.

Local Fashion personality and director of the online fashion publication The Urban Silhouette, Lauren Zwaans, says it’s great to finally have local talent recognised both interstate and internationally.

“I think it’s fantastic to see Australian Fashion Labels’ brands and Paolo Sebastian doing so well internationally.

“This is a real boost for the South Australian fashion industry,” says Zwaans.

But success can often be temporary in the fashion sphere, with many labels only opening their creative doors for short periods before succumbing to their larger, chain competitors.

Zwaans admits that while Cameo seem to have their finger on the fashion pulse, it is not an immediate ticket to the top for other local labels,

“I was thrilled to see Cameo perform so well, I think it’s a real credit to Australian Fashion Labels on the whole, as well as the designers themselves.

“At the same time, I hope that SA designers continue to be brave both with their design choices and creating other labels, rather than following the formula laid out by one company, which may or may not work for everyone,” says Zwaans.

Finnesse model Georgie Merrill agrees, offering that fashion can often be a harsh business,

“I’ve been walking in this business for some years now and there is only one thing I’ve learnt for sure; fashion is always changing and stands still for no one, or no label!” says Merrill.

But like Zwaans, Merrill agrees that it’s amazing to see local labels finally gaining the recognition they deserve,

“Though it can be a tough business, that doesn’t mean you can’t be successful.

“Cameo are living proof of that, to show at MBFWA is perhaps one of the greatest privileges you can receive in this industry.

“But I do hope people don’t forget there are plenty of other talented, creative designers in Adelaide who deserve our support too, like Liza Emanuele, who has been doing this state proud for years now,” says Merrill.

The talent pool for South Australia is a deep one, with many established labels like Liza Emanuele, None The Richer and Tripple Six continuing to release successful seasonal collections, showing they won’t just lie down for the new kids on the block.

But with Australian Fashion Labels only just recently adding new label ‘The Fifth’ to their lengthy list of credits, it seems the new fashion creatives here in Adelaide mean business.

Watch this (fashionable) space.

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