Adelaide Town Hall celebrates 150th Anniversary

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Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 2.17.20 pmCredit: Adelaide Town Hall


The Adelaide City Council has prepared an archives exhibition and organ recital at the Adelaide Town Hall in celebration of the hall’s 150th anniversary.


“We saw it as a massive opportunity to celebrate the significance of the hall and to invite the community to join us in celebrating town hall’s intriguing history and exciting future” Town hall event coordinator, Michelle Wubbolts, said.

The archive exhibition features pictures, displays and stories about the building’s 150-year history and visits from famous public figures. This will be available for viewing all year.


The Hall will also host a free organ recital at 1pm on May 24.


Award-winning organist, Joshua Van Konkelenberg, will play the works of J.S. Bach, Edward Elgar, Charles-Marie Widor and Cesar Franck.


The Adelaide Town Hall is a popular venue for corporate and private celebrations, weddings, concerts and conferences. This year the Adelaide Youth Orchestra will be the starring act, with three concerts during the next six months.


Edmund Wright, former mayor of Adelaide, approved of the Town Hall’s construction in 1866. Since then, the landmark has become the host for some of the world’s most famous public figures.


One of the most renowned groups to visit the Town Hall were The Beatles.


The British band visited the Town Hall in June 1964 and played four concerts at Centennial hall on June 12 and 13.


The scene where the band overlooked the Town Hall’s balcony to greet a crowd of 350,000 fans is an iconic moment in history.


Other famous figures to enter the Adelaide Town Hall include Prince Charles and Princess Diana of Wales, Queen Elizabeth II, the Dalai Lama, and the Pope.


As part of the celebrations, Adelaide City Council have invited the Adelaide community to share their stories about the Town Hall.


“We are incredibly proud to be turning 150 and as part of the celebration we want people to share their stories about the Town Hall,” the Council said in a media release.


“We value the stories, memories and experiences South Australian’s have of this remarkable venue”.


Ms. Wubbolts said the council had increased the number of tours and shared more stories than ever before.


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