2016 Editorial Team

2016 On The Record Student Executive:


Ashleigh Pisani – Editor
Ashleigh Pisani is a journalism and international relations student. Growing up she toyed between wanting to be a journalist and wanting to be a lawyer. However, after the latter meant that she would actually have to study law, journalism became the clear favourite.  She now dreams of becoming a political journalist (watch out Laurie Oakes!) or a media advisor. 









Casey Lodge – Deputy Editor

Casey Lodge is a third year journalism student majoring in International Relations. Her dream job would be a UK broadcast correspondent, but if it all goes sour, she has a keen interest in joining the police force. Despite initially wanting to be an astronaut, Casey discovered journalism as a career after a teacher told her that her gift of the gab and relentless asking of “why?” would serve her well in front of the camera.











Simon Ruppert – Production Editor

Simon is a Bachelor of Journalism student in his final year. He is passionate about travel and tries to get to new corners of the world as often as possible. Simon enjoys football (soccer), film and television in his spare time. Born in Australia and raised in the UK, he returned to Adelaide to study after a less than satisfying career in sales . Having an interest in social issues, specifically equality and human rights as well as a passion for writing led Simon to Journalism. His dream job would be working as a travel writer.