Want to contribute?

Interested in contributing to On The Record?

Please note: We only accept content from UniSA students.

Most of the articles OTR publishes have an Adelaide focus.

We ask that all stories are researched thoroughly and that, if asked, you can provide your sources if the editorial team asks for them.


We publish content from a variety of fields, including:


Most of our news stories will be hard news or feature pieces. For these, we do expect high standard stories – interviews, research and good flow. For print, radio or television news stories, we are limiting these to journalism students only. This is because of style and quality skills taught specifically in the course.

If you are a beginner journalist or a first year, we are more than happy to help during the writing process. If you need help with interviewing or thinking up a story, contact us and we will help you.

General article length: anywhere between 300-1000 words. We love feature articles!


Arts & Culture

The On The Record review section is always looking for reviews of events – art exhibitions, theatre, local gigs, new cafe openings etc – so please pitch us any and all ideas. If you go to any exciting events or places, share it! Write something about what you thought and submit it to us – this is a great way to get your work published, plus establish a portfolio.

In previous years we have had media accreditation for WOMAD, Fringe Festival and the first ever Oz Comic-Con, and in 2013 are lucky to again be involved with WOMAD and the Fringe. We also have media passes to each Adelaide State Theatre show throughout the year; for these, we can provide tickets for in return for a review. For this, you must be a UniSA Communications student.

In 2013, OTR is expanding to include film reviews, and is now receiving passes to Palace Nova media screenings. Please let us know if you wish to be added to the reviewer list – we always want new blood!

General article length: 300-600 words



Opinion articles can include dissections of current events, or rants about topics you are passionate about. However, these require as much, if not more, research as a hard news article. You must have facts and sources to support your opinion, not just emotion or belief. For this reason, the OTR editorial team is quite strict on submissions of opinion. Please email us if you have reservations about submitting.

General article length: 500-1000 words – again, we love feature articles!



On The Record is opening its metaphorical doors to new and wonderful venues in 2013. We welcome photos, podcasts, short films – On The Record is here to showcase the very best media that you guys can produce. So get producing!


Creative production

On The Record welcomes creative writing pieces. We want your poems, short stories or musings.

If you’re a budding artist, we want your artwork or design pieces; if you’re part of a local band that needs exposure – let OTR know. We’re here to support UniSA’s talent.

If you’ve produced something for an assignment, but don’t know where to publish it – send it to us!

There is no length or topic limits for creative writing submissions, but we do like short, succinct stories.

Again, if you’re not a journalism student or only a beginner journo – don’t worry! We love you guys. We are happy to receive any pieces of work that you would like published, whether they are assignments or something you’ve done in your spare time.

We are very excited about what you can produce and we hope you are too.

Get your thinking caps on.


If you would like more information about contributing, please email the team at editor@ontherecord-unisa.com.au