What is On The Record?

On The Record was started by the University of South Australia in 2010 to provide a venue for journalism students who, previously, were writing stories while studying, but not publishing their hard work.

On The Record aims to give tomorrow’s journalists a running start into a competitive field and, in turn,┬ábring you the best journalism coming out of UniSA.

Whether the students aim to get into print, radio or television, On The Record is here to show them all off.

Here at On The Record, we believe that journalism is a skill that is learnt. No matter the age or experience of the journalist, any story has the potential to be shocking, uplifting, devastating or funny- but it should always be credible, researched and balanced.

On The Record is run by journalism students straight out of the UniSA Magill campus.

The editorial team can be found lurking about on campus, usually in the Newsroom in the C Building. For more information on the editorial team, click here.